Reducing logistic impact is crucial for a sustainable future

Europe faces significant challenges such as the energy crisis and the transition to a circular economy. Logistics plays a crucial role in society and is essential for addressing these issues. Therefore, reducing any negative effects of logistics is of paramount importance. With the imminent threat of a 1.5-degree warming of the Earth, it is urgent to take action now. Every reduction in emissions currently makes a difference.

Gain control over your sustainability policy


Sustainability is a relative concept. When are you truly sustainable? As a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) specialist we help you answer this question. Calculating the footprint of your company and transport services allows you to pinpoint where the largest environmental impact lies and make targeted improvements to reduce the footprint.

The benefits of footprint calculation

For sustainable transport

A detailed footprint calculation provides insights into your energy and fuel consumption, allowing you to identify inefficiencies and save costs by optimizing routes and reducing fuel wastage.

By understanding where your biggest environmental impacts lie, you can take targeted actions to improve your operational efficiency, which can lead to shorter lead times, reduced congestion, and improved customer satisfaction.

A good understanding of your ecological footprint enables you to better manage risks such as regulatory issues and reputational damage, positioning you as a reliable and responsible partner.

An increasing number of customers and partners value sustainability and prefer to collaborate with companies committed to environmentally friendly practices. By reducing your ecological footprint, you open the door to new business opportunities and markets.


At Greenhouse Sustainability, we have everything that is needed to guide your company towards a sustainable future.

At Greenhouse Sustainability you have come to the right place for calculating your footprint, whether it is for your entire company or a specific product. We have been calculating and optimizing footprints in the horticultural sector and beyond that since 2014.

In our 'house of sustainability' we help companies move towards a sustainable future through: Calculation, Reduction, Offsetting and Storytelling. We do this with a diverse team of ambitious professionals, with a shared passion for sustainability.

Are you ready to take the green road?

At Greenhouse Sustainability, we are committed to supporting your journey towards sustainable transport. Footprint calculations offer not only environmental benefits but also tangible advantages for your business outcomes. Get in touch with us and discover how we can help your business grow while striving together for a cleaner, greener future for the transport sector.

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