Sustainability in retail

As a retailer, are you already thinking about calculating the footprint of your store? By gaining insight into the environmental impact of your store, you can start making your business operations more sustainable. We understand that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in retail and we can help you with this.

How you calculate your footprint

Greenhouse Sustainability has developed several tools for calculating your footprint yourself. The footprint calculation is conducted using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Our experienced LCA specialists can help and guide you in calculating your footprint.

Would you rather leave the calculation entirely to us? Then we take a closer look at your store and calculate the footprint of your company, after which we look at the possibilities to reduce it together with you.

Getting started with sustainability?

Where to start?

After the footprint has been calculated for you, you can start becoming more sustainable. What is your store's greatest environmental impact? This could, for example, be the sale of products that cause a lot of CO2 emissions during production or the use of equipment in your store that uses a lot of energy. By mapping out the impact, you can specifically look for ways to make your business more sustainable and reduce the footprint.

About Greenhouse Sustainability

At Greenhouse Sustainability you have come to the right place for calculating your footprint, whether it is for your entire company or a specific product. We have been calculating and optimizing footprints in the horticultural sector and beyond that since 2014.

In our 'house of sustainability' we help companies move towards a sustainable future through: Calculation, Reduction, Offsetting and Storytelling. We do this with a diverse team of ambitious professionals, with a shared passion for horticulture and sustainability.

Are you ready to take climate action?

Do you also want to get started with sustainability in your retail business and calculate the footprint of your store? Please contact us. We are ready to help you to make your store more sustainable and reduce the footprint.

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