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Of course, you also want to (re)communicate your company’s sustainability to your customers. Your investments should not only yield environmental gains. It is important that your customers, both B2B and B2C, know what they can get from you and your products in terms of sustainability. This way, you inspire others and encourage sustainable purchases.

But how do you communicate your sustainability story with integrity? Not everyone can simply do this. Sustainability is a difficult comprehensive topic for many. Fortunately, we have skilled professionals in house who are knowledgeable about sustainability and would love to help you position your business as a sustainable player. We do this by creating content, but we can also help your own marketing and communication professionals get started.

Be good
and tell it!

Content creation

We help you share your story, so that your buyers will prefer your products. We do this through, for example:
• Storytelling: content for blogs, socials, website and press releases
• Visualisations (e.g. infographics)
• Explanation of results
• Online findability (SEO)

Curious to see what we can do for you? Our enthusiastic Marketing Communications department is at your service.

Footprint infographics

Your footprint can be complex and comprehensive. To show the results of your footprint in a simple and clear way, we offer infographics of your results. The most important information about your footprint is summarized in a visual representation. If you use an infographic, readers will remember what you say better than if you explain it through text.

Are you interested? Let us know and we would love to help you!