What we do

At Greenhouse Sustainability, we have everything that is needed to guide your company towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability. You want to ‘do something’ about it, perhaps because you want to leave behind a good world for the next generation, or because people (customers, investors and government) demand it. When you make sustainability measurable, you gain insight and can start taking concrete and effective action.

We calculate the environmental impact of your business and products using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Together with advice for reduction and offsetting, we lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Next to that, we help you create content to give your sustainable story the attention it deserves.

Calculate the environmental impact yourself

We offer tools that allow you to calculate your footprints yourself:

  • Footprint4All – Instaptool om snel en eenvoudig de CO2-footprint op bedrijfsniveau inzichtelijk te maken;
  • Flori Footprint Tool – Toegankelijk en uitgebreid PEF-compliant footprints voor bedrijven in de sierteeltsector;
  • Customization – Een tool ingericht naar uw wensen.