Reducing environmental impact
How can you reduce your footprint?

After calculating the footprint, it is time to take action. There are dozens of ways to make your business more sustainable and thus reduce your footprint. Many companies are struggling with the question of what can be best deployed with regard to CO2-reduction and how this reduction can be achieved.

Whether it is about reducing waste, opting for sustainable alternatives or reducing energy consumption: we put you in touch with the most innovative businesses of their kind to bring down the footprint.

Practical solutions, fitting to your organisation

The insights you get thanks to the footprint calculation from Greenhouse Sustainability offer the starting point for what it is all about: successfully reducing your environmental impact. Because you receive detailed results at company level as well as at process and product level, with our experts you can immediately see what you can do best. And that’s nice. Because why would you invest in solar panels first if it turns out that your impact can be many times greater by choosing alternative packaging?

Thanks to our ever-growing network of sustainable partners and suppliers, Greenhouse Sustainability is able to offer a suitable solution in more and more links in the chain. In this way we make your sector more and more sustainable together.

Start Session

Is your company in the start-up phase of sustainability and are you curious about how to involve your employees? Then the Sustainable Start Session is great for your organisation.

The importance of involving empoyees in a sustainability project

Employee engagement increases the success rate of sustainability policies. Moreover, companies with engaged employees are proven to be more innovative, productive and profitable. However, the right knowledge to guide this process is not always in-house. With the Sustainable Start Session, we guide your organisation through the process of becoming a sustainable business, by looking at your sustainability efforts together with your staff.

This is the start you need if you are looking to make your business more sustainable. Get in touch with us and request the Sustainable Start Session for a green start.

Your entire chain
Footprint reduced

With Horti Footprint Circle

Climate-neutral production

Your footprint impacts the footprint of your supply chain partners, and vice versa. The emissions from the whole life cycle together determine the total environmental impact of a product. Achieving climate-neutral production requires efforts from every part of the chain to become more sustainable; from production and suppliers to retail and trade. This is exactly why we launched the Horti Footprint Circle (previously Horti Footprint Chain Program) for the horticulture sector.

Chain cooperation

Within the chain cooperation program, we work together on the basis of the footprint calculation to reduce environmental impact in a targeted way. Because every link in the chain participates in the footprint calculation, it is possible to identify the components where the footprint can be improved. We then work in a targeted way to reduce and, where necessary, offset total emissions with the aim of achieving climate-neutral horticulture products by 2030.