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Calculate the environmental impact of your packaging with PackIT

The environmental impact caused by packaging is a much discussed topic. But what is the actual environmental impact of the packaging you work with? We are happy to help you answer that question. Footprint calculation gives sustainability a number. For this purpose we have developed the online calculation tool PackIT, which allows you to calculate the footprint of the different packaging yourself.

Insight into the footprint will help you make conscious purchasing choices and encourage suppliers to become more sustainable. You are prepared for future questions from various stakeholders, such as customers, government and investors.

Using the tool

PackIT is divided into 3 main sections:

1. Location use

Calculates the impact of your warehouse operations, including factors such as electricity usage, water consumption, heat generation, and waste generation.

2. Materials

Calculates the impact associated with the production of the products you buy from your suppliers and the transport from their location to your location.

3. Products

You can then start putting together the products. This brings together location and materials and the distribution method is added.

Supplier Portal

The Suppliers Portal allows your suppliers to easily calculate their products and transport impact

You can have your suppliers fill in the details of the purchased materials via the supplier portal. The tool then automatically calculates the impact of the product. Alternatively, it is always possible to manually calculate the footprint yourself, by entering the consumption, processes and materials yourself based on your own research or data supplied outside the supplier portal. If the supplier has already calculated its footprint, this can also be supplied and filled in.

Our tool is aimed at packaging companies with large amounts of suppliers and products

Features and possibilities of PackIT

PackIT offers comprehensive insight into the environmental impact of packaging in a unique and simple way. 16 impact categories are calculated, as is usual for PEF-based footprint calculations. This contributes to the fact that the calculations can be connected to the product footprint calculation of horticultural products. The footprint tool has been developed for companies with large quantities of different packaging and suppliers.

The results of the calculations are displayed in clear dashboards and graphs. The locations and products can be compared with each other. A 'footprint declaration' can be generated per product with an overview of the impact per impact category.

User-friendliness and data privacy are PackIT's main priorities. That is why the tool is continuously optimized based on user experience and own insights. For security, two-factor authentication (2FA) can be used.

As mentioned, PackIT is user-friendly, so you can quickly get started after the basic explanation. But you are not alone. Our LCA specialists can guide you in the use and interpretation of the calculations. You can determine the amount of support yourself.

If you want to use the results for communication purposes or to discuss them with stakeholders, an information sheet is a good tool. This displays the results in a visual and illuminating manner. We can prepare such a document for you if desired.

Would you like to receive more information or a quote?

Are you interested in the environmental impact of the packaging you purchase? With PackIT you can easily calculate it yourself. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more information or a quote.