Offsetting CO2-emissions
On your way to climate neutrality

All the efforts and investments in sustainability will not yet help you move directly towards climate neutrality. Do you want to make a difference to the climate now and be climate neutral or maybe even climate positive? Then offset your emissions by investing in fair climate projects.

Through Bamboo Village Uganda, we offer you the opportunity to offset your carbon emissions through planting bamboo.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo acts as a natural carbon sink: it removes CO2 emitted from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil and plant. Bamboo is effective for soil protection and restoration of degraded land. It is easy to grow and occurs naturally in many parts of the world. An additional advantage of bamboo is the many applications, for example as a construction material, food and the fibers can be used to make textiles, among other things. Bamboo Village Uganda is a member of GSES.