Offsetting CO2-emissions
On your way to climate neutrality

Unfortunately, all efforts and investments in sustainability do not immediately make you climate neutral. The reduction of CO2 emissions cannot usually be achieved overnight. To take short-term action to combat climate change, you can invest in CO2 offsetting with carbon removal projects. With this, you actively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Through Bamboo Village we offer you the opportunity to offset your CO2 emissions by planting bamboo.

Certified CO2 compensation with Bamboo Village

The Bamboo Village plantation in Uganda has been officially recognized and certified by ONCRA as a project that successfully removes CO2 from the atmosphere. It was calculated how much CO2 the bamboo plantation can remove from the atmosphere. For this set amount, Bamboo Village can issue carbon removal certificates (also known as carbon credits). This way you are assured that the CO2 emissions you compensate are actually captured.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo acts as a natural carbon sink: it removes CO2 emitted from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil and plant. Bamboo is effective for soil protection and restoration of degraded land. It is easy to grow and occurs naturally in many parts of the world. An additional advantage of bamboo is the many applications, for example as a construction material, food and the fibers can be used to make textiles, among other things.

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Are you ready to take climate action?

We are happy to tackle your sustainability challenges together with you. Would you like to calculate your environmental impact or know more about the possibilities for CO2 compensation? Please feel free to contact us!