Footprint4All tool

Entry-level toolfor calculating environmental impact

We developed Footprint4All for if you want to quickly and inexpensively gain insight into your company's carbon footprint at an accessible level. With the Footprint4All tool you can calculate the footprint of your company yourself, regardless of what kind of company you have and in which sector you are active. An accessible tool for everyone.

Quick and easy insight in the carbon footprint of your company

You gain insight into the structure of your footprint based on important factors such as heating, electricity, business travel, water use and waste.

After performing the calculation, you can immediately see where the hotspots are in terms of CO2 emissions, so that you can take immediate action. Repeat the calculation annually or even monthly and you will immediately see the result of the savings measures taken.


A footprint is often expressed in terms of CO2-equivalent. This also applies to your footprint calculation with Footprint4All. This means that greenhouse gases other than CO2 are included, but converted to a CO2 value. So to add up the impact of different types of greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour, emission figures are converted to CO2-equivalent.

What do you get from a footprint calculation?

With a life cycle analysis (LCA) you save costs because you can make targeted choices for sustainable investments. You provide insight into how sustainable your company is. This helps you to achieve future-proof business operations and ensures that you are prepared for future legislation and regulations.


For a license you pay:
€ 250 per year

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