Flori Footprint Tool

Insight into the environmental impact throughout the entire floriculture chain,from production to end of life

The Flori Footprint Tool has been specially developed for the floriculture sector to make footprint calculations quickly and easily accessible to everyone. With this online software, you calculate the footprint of your business and all your products at your own pace in a simple and clear way.

The Flori Footprint Tool offers every party the opportunity to perform their own calculation according to the concept rules of the European FloriPEFCR. The calculation gives you insight into the environmental impact throughout the product's life cycle. The result is the answer to the question at hand: 'How sustainable is this flower/plant really?’ Simple and insightful.

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Independently & at your own pace

As an entrepeneur, you like to be independent from external parties. And everything that is not your core business, needs to be as easy as possible.
The Flori Footprint Tool offers you the opportunity to calculate your company and product footprints at your own pace, step by step. The result offers you the insights you can use to move on. You know what the hotspots are in all aspects of your supply chain, from production to distribution, use and waste processing. Above all you also know the impact of multiple categories, such as CO₂, water, toxicity, land use and more.


If you know where you stand, you can efficiently start improving your sustainability. In order to set priorities, you can create scenarios with substitute values so that you can focus your attention on factors that determine which investments yield the most. For example, you can substitute grey energy for green energy and see what this means for your footprint.

A dedicated portalfor every part of the floriculture chain

Each business has its own different specific processes. That’s why the Flori Footprint Tool offers different environments for every part of the chain. The Grower and Trader Portal are already available. The Supplier and Retail Portal are in development.


Calculate the environmental impact of your company and áll your products yourself

  • Easy data processing
  • Onbeperkt scenario’s aanmaken
  • Calculate all products
  • Simultaniously calculating environmental impact on product and company level
  • Inzicht in 16 impactcategorieën zoals: klimaatverandering (CO₂), water, toxiciteit
  • Basis for becoming more sustainable


Breng de milieu-impact van uw ladingdragers en bedrijf in kaart

  • Easy data collection
  • Onbeperkt scenario’s aanmaken
  • Quickly and immediately results
  • Inzicht in handel onderdeel FloriPEFCR: impact per ladingdrager (deense kar/pallet/etc.)
  • Inzicht in 16 impactcategorieën zoals: klimaatverandering (CO₂), water, toxiciteit


Map the environmental impact of your entire supply chain

  • Easy data collection
  • Creating scenarios
  • Quickly and immediately results
  • Insight into scope 3: growers, packaging and transport
  • Inzicht in 16 impactcategorieën zoals: klimaatverandering (CO₂), water, toxiciteit

We promise you; the Flori Footprint Tool is the simplest yet most comprehensive solution for mapping the footprint of your floricultural company and product. Especially if this is the first time you are going to calculate a footprint, we can imagine that you are not keen to tackle this on your own. Our LCA specialists are ready to help you on your way.

For more information, contact us or request a demo at the Flori Footprint Tool website.

The benefits listed

  • Understanding all impact categories, such as CO2, water and toxicity
  • Understanding the entire life cycle, from production to distribution, use and disposal
  • Easily create scenarios for reducing environmental impact
  • Simultaneous footprint calculation at business ánd product level
  • Excellent guidance from LCA specialists
  • Each chain party has its own portal
  • Data can be exchanged with chain partners
  • Built on Simapro’s reliable software
  • Conform concept rekenregels van de FloriPEFCR

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