Calculate your footprint yourself
with a customised tool

Sustainability, you are probably working on it. What do you invest in first? How future-proof is the investment? How much will the investment yield? And how do you demonstrate your sustainability? Complicated questions, but Greenhouse Sustainability can help you with this. For years we have been helping companies to provide insight into their environmental impact and to reduce it (costs) effectively.

A Life Cycle Assessment is the only real answer to the question of how sustainable a product or company really is. Our professional LCA specialists can take the work off your hands and calculate the footprint for you, but we also understand if you prefer to do it yourself. We like to make it easy for you by developing a tool adapted to your wishes. 

A customised footprint tool

Always instant overview and insight

Do you deal with many different suppliers and would you like to keep a finger on the pulse of the current environmental impact of your activities? We develop a user-friendly online footprint tool for you that gathers all relevant data and gives you an overview and insight into the footprint of your activities.

For persuasion

Your own footprint tool can also be of added value in convincing customers and stakeholders of your sustainable product. Often it is difficult to get a potential customer to invest in something if they do not understand how sustainable a product really is. By making the savings on the environmental impact transparent and by calculating scenarios for specific situations, a barrier is removed. Several customers experience the benefit of proving the added value of a sustainable choice in this way. We make this possible by developing customised advanced footprint tools.


Procona Carbon Footprint Tool

One of the customers experiencing this benefit is Pagter Innovations. They offer an innovative and sustainable packaging solution for cut flowers with the Procona. Since autumn 2021, they have let potential customers experience the environmental savings by calculating customer-specific scenarios with the Procona Carbon Footprint Tool. That immediately changes their conversation with the customer and the investment in this sustainable choice has becomes more valuable to customers.

“The use of the Procona Carbon Footprint Tool makes it possible to directly answer all ‘yes but if’ questions and is perceived as very convincing.”