Calculating Footprints in Horticulture

Horticultural products inherently impact the earth. Did you know, for instance, that a large portion of greenhouse emissions comes from the combustion of natural gas in boilers and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units? Also, consider the packaging around a flower, the waste generated by a vegetable grower, or the soil on which plants are cultivated.

By conducting a footprint calculation, your company in the horticultural sector can precisely understand the environmental impact of your business or product.

The next step is to reduce your emissions, so that together we can move towards a more sustainable future.

What is a footprint calculation?

Greenhouse Sustainability has developed several tools in-house to allow you to calculate the footprint of your company or product. A footprint calculation is conducted through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), providing insight into the total environmental burden. With our tools, you can calculate your own footprint. Of course, our expert LCA specialists can assist and guide you through the process if needed.

Prefer to leave the footprint calculation to us? No problem. Our LCA specialists will gather the necessary data from you, and then calculate your footprint for you.

Did you know that after calculating the footprint, you'll gain insight into 16 impact categories of your company or product, including CO2 emissions, water usage, land use, and toxicity? This allows you to identify areas where you can make the most significant reductions. Need our expertise? We're happy to advise on ways to reduce your impact.

Sustainability in horticulture

Where to start?

Now that the footprint of your horticultural company or product has been calculated, the next step is to reduce your impact. The calculation will show you which areas within your operations offer the most potential for improvement. You can, optionally with our assistance, explore ways to make your operations more sustainable and potentially save costs.


At Greenhouse Sustainability, we have everything that is needed to guide your company towards a sustainable future.

At Greenhouse Sustainability you have come to the right place for calculating your footprint, whether it is for your entire company or a specific product. We have been calculating and optimizing footprints in the horticultural sector and beyond that since 2014.

In our 'house of sustainability' we help companies move towards a sustainable future through: Calculation, Reduction, Offsetting and Storytelling. We do this with a diverse team of ambitious professionals, with a shared passion for sustainability.

Bent u klaar om klimaatactie te ondernemen?​

If you consider sustainability an important topic as a horticultural company, then calculate your footprint today to contribute to a more sustainable world for tomorrow. Our specialists are ready to assist you in making your company more sustainable and reducing the overall footprint in horticulture.

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