Make sure you know where you stand

Consumer, retailer and government demand for sustainable products is increasing. There is also a growing need among these parties for proof that a company is operating sustainably. Mapping environmental impact using a life cycle assessment puts a number on sustainability: your footprint. You have come to the right place for this at Greenhouse Sustainability. Since 2015, we have been calculating footprints mainly for the agri- and horticulture sector, but also for construction, retail and hospitality. 

What do you get from a footprint calculation?

A life cycle assessment (LCA) provides you with insight into how sustainable your business or products are and helps you achieve future-proof operations.

Prepare for future regulations

The climate agreement mandates that we all must significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 2030. It is only a matter of time until all companies have to deal with mandatory tracking of their carbon emissions and reducing them. With a footprint calculation, you will be prepared for the potential levy and avoid unforeseen situations and costs.

Top of mind in the chain

Your footprint affects the footprint of your supply chain partners. When you can share your footprint with your supply chain partners, you demonstrate transparency and awareness. This makes you attractive to stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

LCA: methods
and calculations


Category Rules

Category Rules have been established for different products and sectors at national and European level. For the agriculture and horticulture sector, we work with the Dutch Hortifootprint Category Rules. In floriculture, the European Flori Product Environmental Category Rules (FloriPEFCR) will also become available, which we apply to calculate product footprints. For situations that do not fall under these Category Rules, we use ISO standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, among others.

is the best policy

We use standardised calculation rules to calculate your footprint, so you are assured of a valuable footprint calculation. Standardisation allows footprint certification, benchmarking and prevents greenwashing.


LCA involves different impact categories. An impact category groups several emissions into one environmental impact. The impact categories we calculate include: water, land use, biodiversity, toxicity and the best known, CO2.

A footprint is often expressed in terms of CO2-equivalent. This means that greenhouse gases other than CO2 are included, but converted to a CO2 value. So to add up the impact of different types of greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour, emission figures are converted to CO2-equivalent.

The way we work

LCA’s are supervised and carried out by our qualified LCA Specialists. Our approach consists of a 3-stage process:

Calculate by yourselfwith our online footprint tools

A Life Cycle Assessment is the only real answer to the question of how sustainable a product or company really is. Our professional LCA specialists can take the work off your hands and calculate the footprint for you, but we also understand if you prefer to do it yourself. We like to make it easy for you and that is why we offer various accessible online tools that allow you to calculate your footprint yourself.

Insight into the environmental impact throughout the entire floriculture chain, from production to end of life

The Flori Footprint Tool has been specially developed for the floriculture sector to make footprint calculations quickly and easily accessible to everyone. With this online software, you calculate the footprint of your business and all your products at your own pace in a simple and clear way.

& at your own pace

The Flori Footprint Tool offers you the opportunity to calculate your company and product footprints at your own pace, step by step. The result offers you the insights you can use to move on. You know what the hotspots are in all aspects of your supply chain, from production to distribution, use and waste processing. Above all you also know the impact of multiple categories, such as CO₂, water, toxicity, land use and more.

Footprint4All logo

Entry-level tool for calculating environmental impact

We developed Footprint4All for if you want to quickly and inexpensively gain insight into your company's carbon footprint at an accessible level. With the Footprint4All tool you can calculate the footprint of your company yourself, regardless of what kind of company you have and in which sector you are active. An accessible tool for everyone.

Quick and easy
insight in the carbon footprint of your company

Quick and easy insight in the carbon footprint of your company

You gain insight into the structure of your footprint based on important factors such as heating, electricity, business travel, water use and waste.

After performing the calculation, you can immediately see where the hotspots are in terms of CO2 emissions, so that you can take immediate action.

A customised footprint tool

Always instant overview and insight

Do you deal with many different suppliers and would you like to keep a finger on the pulse of the current environmental impact of your activities? We develop a user-friendly online footprint tool for you that gathers all relevant data and gives you an overview and insight into the footprint of your activities.

For persuasion

Often it is difficult to get a potential customer to invest in something if they do not understand how sustainable a product really is. By making the savings on the environmental impact transparent and by calculating scenarios for specific situations, a barrier is removed. We make this possible by developing customised advanced footprint tools.