VDE Plant shares footprint through Certifeye

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Recently, it was announced that VDE Plant, a tropical plant nursery, became the first company to conduct a full footprint calculation for multiple products using the Flori Footprint Tool. Now, the company has achieved another milestone by becoming the first to communicate the FloriPEF-Footprint declaration through the Certifeye wallet.

This was announced during a gathering of Horti Footprint Circle participants. The event took place at VDE Plant in Woubrugge, where attendees gained insight into the footprint calculations carried out by the nursery. VDE Plant produces 9 million plants annually and is dedicated to sustainability efforts. Therefore, the company deliberately chose to calculate the footprint for various plants.

Accessible for everyone
Edwin van der Eijk previously emphasized that VDE Plant has no secrets. By sharing the company's sustainability plans with others, VDE Plant aims to inspire others to use the Flori Footprint Tool from Greenhouse Sustainability and Simapro. The tool, already aligned with the draft of the European calculation standard FloriPEFCR, became available at the end of last year. The company's commitment to transparency regarding the environmental impact of its products is underscored by the decision to include the footprint calculations in the Certifeye Wallet. Certifeye assists companies in reducing their information burden and provides an online wallet for this purpose. Companies can place their certificates in this wallet and choose who they want to share this information with and who can access it. VDE Plant is the first company to include the footprint calculation of 14 products in the Certifeye Wallet. The "Declaration Footprint Calculation" visible in the wallet displays values for all 16 impact categories. During the event in Woubrugge, it was demonstrated how easily this declaration can be shared with others, for instance, by scanning a QR code on the product.

VDE Plant, Greenhouse Sustainability, and Certifeye hope and expect that other companies will soon follow this example.

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