Sharing crop registration data via GreenlinQdata

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The increasing importance of footprints is undeniable, according to Berrie de Mik of GreenlinQdata. As a result, growers can now share their cultivation records with Greenhouse Sustainability, a pioneer in calculating footprints for horticultural companies and products.

GreenlinQdata assists growers in recording and reporting all cultivation-related information. The platform also facilitates data exchange with certification organizations such as GlobalGAP. With the growing significance of calculating environmental impact through life cycle analysis, GreenlinQdata has partnered with Greenhouse Sustainability. Growers can now opt to share their data for footprint calculations.

For growers, this offers the advantage of registering data in just one application and deciding with whom to share the information. For Greenhouse Sustainability, the benefit lies in the fact that the data required for a footprint calculation is already (largely) collected and can be easily transferred via GreenlinQdata. This provides the efficiency and convenience that all parties need.

In the coming period, the capability to input data into GreenlinQdata will be expanded, making the footprint calculation based on the  FloriPEFCR even simpler. Subsequently, this data can be shared with Greenhouse Sustainability's and SimaPro's Flori Footprint Tool.

Participant Horti Footprint Circle

Horti Footprint Circle aims to achieve climate-neutral horticulture supply chains by 2030. This program involves the exchange of data among chain partners to further promote sustainability. For this reason, GreenlinQdata has become a Horti Footprint Circle participant.

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