Software Developer Juan about software tools for sustainability

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With this interview we will introduce to you our Software Developer Juan Felipe Espinal. What is Juan working on at Greenhouse Sustainability and what is his view on software development and sustainability?

Juan, we are really glad to have you on our team. Let’s be honest: there are simply not enough LCA specialists to calculate all the environmental impact. With the global climate change problem, sustainability software tools are very important to achieve sustainability goals efficiently and on a larger scale.

In what ways do you think software development can contribute to sustainability?

First of all, I strongly believe that digital technologies have played a pivotal role in democratizing access to services that were once exclusive to industry leaders. Take, for example, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). By leveraging software solutions, we at Greenhouse Sustainability are democratizing access to LCA, enabling everyone in the market to actively contribute to the assessment of environmental impacts.

Moreover, sustainability software tools enable businesses to measure and analyze their environmental impact comprehensively. It aligns with the famous business adage, 'What you don’t measure, cannot be improved.' By making LCA and other sustainability tools widely available, we not only encourage environmental consciousness across industries but also foster a collective responsibility for achieving sustainability goals on a global scale.

Why did you choose to work as a Software Developer for Greenhouse Sustainability?

I am driven by the desire to contribute to projects that hold a meaningful purpose and create a positive impact on our society. Upon the successful completion of my master's degree in digital business and innovation, I was looking for an opportunity to apply my knowledge and build innovative software products that make a difference.

Joining Greenhouse Sustainability provides me with the ideal platform to not only apply my skills in software development but also to be part of an innovative team dedicated to creating tangible and positive contributions towards a more sustainable future.

What kind of software tools are you currently working on?

I’m mainly working on developing custom software tools that allow our clients to calculate their footprint based on their specific business model and needs. Together with that, I also contribute to develop enhancements of our off-the-shelf tools, such as the Flori Footprint Tool, FlorIT for florists, Footprint4All and a footprint tool for packaging. Within our team, we consistently seek ways to enhance our tools, aiming for improved insights and an enhanced user experience.

When making software like this, how do you deal with not knowing all the details about Life Cycle Assessment?

Excellent question! In software development, having a thorough understanding of all the details is essential for crafting effective solutions. So, whenever I have challenges with LCA-related details, I rely on our team of LCA specialists to address any uncertainties. This collaborative effort not only stimulates innovation but also guarantees that our solutions are easily comprehensible for users unfamiliar with LCA concepts. An essential cooperation if you ask me.

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