The second draft version of the FloriPEFCR is published

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The Flori Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules, also known as FloriPEFCR, will soon become the European standard for footprint calculations in the floriculture sector. In a series of blogs, our specialists will introduce you to this new standard. This time, LCA Specialist Nina Ruig discusses the publication of the second draft version of FloriPEFCR.

The FloriPEFCR: What was it again?

The FloriPEFCR is being developed by Wageningen University & Research in collaboration with leading organizations such as Royal FloraHolland, FSI, and various exporters. Once approved, FloriPEFCR will become the standard for footprint calculations of cut flowers and potted plants in Europe.

There was already a first publication

In September 2021, Wageningen University published the first draft version of FloriPEFCR. Greenhouse Sustainability was asked to test the first draft version in practice. Through these supporting studies, FloriPEFCR can be revised and adjusted as necessary, ultimately leading to its submission for approval in Brussels.

Now there is a second publication

We have made progress in the right direction. In July 2023, Wageningen University published the second draft version of FloriPEFCR. This means that another step has been taken towards establishing European calculation rules for footprinting in the horticulture sector. This is done through a second public consultation period, allowing feedback until July 17, 2023. Ultimately, the final version of FloriPEFCR will be prepared and published.

Hopefully followed by approval of FloriPEFCR

After the second feedback round, it is expected that the PEFCR for cut flowers and potted plants will be approved by the European Commission by the end of 2023. From that point onward, all footprint calculations for cut flowers and potted plants will be done in the same standardized manner. This will result in:

  • Highly accurate footprint calculations.
  • By measuring all flowers and plants against the same standards, products can be compared fairly.
  • No more debate on how to calculate footprints. We can now focus on discussing results, insights, and sustainability.
  • Incorrect environmental claims can be addressed.

We are closely monitoring the developments surrounding FloriPEFCR and will keep you informed. If you are interested in reading other articles we have written about FloriPEFCR, please check out the previous blogs in the series.

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