Plantanious winner annual license Footprint4All tool

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Plantanious won an annual license for the new Footprint4All tool during the IPM. Director Henri Potze of Greenhouse Sustainability visited the houseplant nursery to hand over the prize. Plantanious can now use this entry-level tool to calculate their own CO2 footprint. Congratulations! On to the next step in sustainability.

Accessible tool for everyone

Footprint4All has been developed for companies to quickly gain insight into the CO2 footprint at an accessible level. The tool provides insight into the structure of the company footprint based on important factors such as heating, electricity, business transport, water use and waste. After performing the calculation, it is immediately clear where the hotspots are in terms of CO2 emissions, and action can be taken immediately. Repeat the calculation annually or even monthly and you will immediately see the result of the savings measures taken.

Interested in Footprint4All? Contact us for more information or to purchase an annual or monthly license.

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