'One stop shopping' by joining forces Greenhouse Sustainability and GTC+

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Greenhouse Sustainability and GTC+ sign agreement

The collaboration agreement between Greenhouse Sustainability (Nieuwkoop) and GTC+ (De Kwakel) marks a significant step for companies aiming to become more sustainable. They can now turn to a single source for footprint calculations, improvement plans, and reports to operate in a more innovative, sustainable, and successful manner.

Both companies have been acquainted for many years. The formalization of their collaboration through a contract at this juncture is attributed to the increasing complexity of sustainability-related queries. European legislation, for instance, mandates companies to report on the impact of their activities on people and the climate from as early as 2024. This is through Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) reports. Reports from the (Science Based Target Initiative - SBTi) are also becoming more crucial. These scientifically grounded reports demonstrate how businesses should proceed to mitigate the adverse consequences of climate change. Furthermore, large retailers are increasingly demanding their suppliers prove the sustainable cultivation and production of their products.

Addressing all sustainability issues

Henri Potze (CEO of Greenhouse Sustainability) stated, "With our team of nine employees, we focus on footprint calculations and strive to be the best at it. However, our clients have broader questions regarding sustainable business practices. The agreement with GTC+ practically means that they can now turn to a single source, either at our company or at GTC+, for all their sustainability inquiries."

GTC+ collaborates with ten partners who collectively hold 150 years of sustainability experience. Manager Merthus Bezemer emphasizes the importance of accurate data for their work: "We assist entrepreneurs in becoming more sustainable by compiling reports for them, but more importantly, by advising them on improvement plans. Good data is crucial for this. Based on that, we explore avenues for improvement. It could be water for one, peat or transportation for another. However, it all begins with data; that's the foundation. Greenhouse Sustainability has a proven track record in the field of footprints, which is a significant component of the entire data package."

Bezemer also speaks highly of Greenhouse Sustainability's active and expert network. Henri added, "With this collaboration, we now have a team of specialists with extensive knowledge of sustainability in a broad sense. As a result, we are a credible partner." Together, we can address complex sustainability issues for both smaller and larger enterprises, with a strong focus on Horticulture in both national and international contexts.

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