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Last month, the Greenhouse Sustainability team expanded with a new colleague, Marleen Schrijvers. We would like to introduce her to you with a brief interview.

We're excited to have you on our team! What made you want to work for Greenhouse Sustainability?

Thank you! Primarily because I find sustainability important. I've been involved with sustainability on a personal level for some time now; for example, I became vegan and installed solar panels at home. An added benefit of working closer to home is that I can leave the car more often! I would love to contribute to sustainability in my professional life as well. In my previous job, I was already involved with sustainability to some extent, but at Greenhouse Sustainability, I know I am in the right place to make a difference.

What exactly are you working on at Greenhouse Sustainability?

Mainly on marketing. I am excited to be involved in Greenhouse Sustainability's marketing efforts and help further the sustainability of the horticulture sector and others. Additionally, I'll be assisting interesting clients who want to share their sustainable stories.

You first few weeks are now behind you. Is there anything that has caught your attention, for example in the horticulture sector?

First and foremost, I am completely new to the sector. But I immediately felt like I landed in a welcoming environment. Entrepreneurs in the horticulture sector are very engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic. I noticed this during several company visits. There are many wonderful initiatives, and significant steps in the right direction have already been taken.

I can't wait to contribute to this, for example, by utilizing new marketing strategies and tools.

P.S. This article was not written by Chat GTP 😉

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