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Natoo is the name of a new food concept at three Dutch NS-stations. The concept, which has already proven itself internationally, not only focuses on ultra-fresh healthy food but also operates in a climate-positive manner with the help of Greenhouse Sustainability.

After Italy, Germany, and Austria, the unique food concept Natoo is now introduced in the Netherlands. Lagardère Travel Retail, the company behind Natoo, has opened three branches at Rotterdam CS, Den Haag CS, and Leiden CS. Here, consumers can find bowls, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and fresh juices among other offerings. These healthy and delicious products are freshly prepared daily. Diederik Bruins from Foodsayers was partly responsible for translating the international concept to the Dutch market. "At Frankfurt Airport, you can find two Natoo branches behind customs, where travelers have the time to make a relaxed choice and enjoy their meal. The branches have their own kitchen located elsewhere in the airport, where all products are freshly prepared. We wanted to bring the principle of ultra-fresh healthy food to the train stations in the Netherlands."


The version introduced at the three Dutch NS-stations maintains the same freshness and taste experience. "Although we don't have our own kitchen, we carefully select the right suppliers to prepare and offer original dishes to travelers," says Bruins, proud that the concept has taken root in the Netherlands. "We have established a innovative and eye-catching concept that makes it easy to eat healthy and fresh while on the train."

Working climate-positive

Natoo takes it a step further with its establishments in the Netherlands. The food concept starts with climate-positive working, as Bruins explains. "To achieve that, we collaborated with Greenhouse Sustainability to calculate the CO2 footprint of the three Natoo branches. Based on the results, we now offset the CO2 emissions to a climate-neutral level by supporting accredited projects of Fair Climate Fund. To truly work in a climate-positive manner, we also plant trees in another project of Fair Climate Fund to capture CO2 from the atmosphere."


With their own footprint now visible, Natoo and Greenhouse Sustainability are working on the next step: further mapping out the entire value chain. "How are our suppliers doing? Who is already climate-positive? Our coffee supplier already guarantees that the entire coffee process, including preparation with the machine on-site, is fully compensated. This insight is very valuable because the more ingredients we use from suppliers that are climate-neutral or positive, the greater the awareness. As a result, more and more suppliers realize that their sales opportunities increase when they handle the environment responsibly and also have insight into their footprint."

Bruins is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Greenhouse Sustainability. "Greenhouse Sustainability works straightforwardly and constructively in finding solutions. Additionally, they ensure that the results of the calculations are not only useful for Natoo but they also clearly communicate the impact of the footprint to the public. They strike the right balance. I trust that Greenhouse Sustainability will become one of the market leaders in this field, especially in the food chain."

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