Inholland Academy offers training Flori Footprint Tool

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Last year, Greenhouse Sustainability and Simapro launched the Flori Footprint Tool for accurate footprint calculations at company and product level (in floriculture). To ensure a quick start, Inholland Academy now offers the practical module Flori Footprint Tool. Additional information is provided about the content of a life cycle analysis, participants learn how the tool can be used efficiently and how they can use the results to get more sustainable.

Sustainability is not only important for the environment, but also for the continuity of companies, says marketing manager Sandra Uitenbroek-van Schie of Greenhouse Sustainability. “More and more companies and governments are asking for a footprint calculation. A life cycle analysis provides the insight that you can use as a company to make targeted choices for sustainable investments.” Experts from Greenhouse Sustainability and LCA software Simapro have developed the Flori Footprint Tool which allows every producer and supplier in floriculture to calculate its own footprint. “This makes calculating a footprint a lot easier and cheaper, because LCAs are usually performed manually by university educated LCA specialists,” says Uitenbroek-van Schie.

Practical module

To ensure a quick start and to prevent beginners' mistakes, Inholland Academy now offers the practical Flori Footprint Tool module. Training advisor Martijn Haas of Inholland Academy: “With this training you will receive additional information about the content of an LCA and you will learn how to use the tool efficiently and how to use the results for sustainability and/or communication. This way you get the most out of the Flori Footprint Tool.”

Sandra Uitenbroek-van Schie emphasizes that it is important that footprint calculations are performed in the same way in order to be of value. The FloriPEFCR gives floriculture a European standard for footprint calculations. The application of extensive and strict testing criteria should ultimately result in a very accurate footprint calculation. The Flori Footprint Tool already complies with the draft calculation rules of the FloriPEFCR. Not only in terms of CO2, but also water, toxicity and 13 other impact categories. The tool therefore offers floricultural companies the opportunity to anticipate developments in the market.” 

Sandra Uitenbroek – Van Schie and Martijn Haas at the IPM. Credits: BPnieuws, FloralDaily


The Flori Footprint Tool module consists of three meetings from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, one of which will be on location in The Hague. To participate in this module you need an account in the Flori Footprint Tool, offered by Greenhouse Sustainability. The training is eligible for a STAP subsidy, which can reimburse almost the entire amount of the module if applied in time. After completing the training, participants know exactly what a footprint is, how the Flori Footprint Tool works, how the right data can be collected efficiently and how the results can be used for sustainability.

Click here for more information about the training or to register.

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