Horti Footprint Circle: a renewed program for chain collaborations

Horti Footprint Circle

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In 2021, the Horti Footprint Chain Program was initiated based on three principles:

  • Collaborative efforts to understand and jointly reduce footprints, with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030. 
  • Promotion for businesses interested in joining the program.
  • Mutual commercial interest.

With these principles and the ambition to further expand the program, it has been further developed. The participants have more benefits and the chain collaborations become even more transparent. That goes along with a name change. Starting now, Horti Footprint Chain Program will be called Horti Footprint Circle. Horti Footprint Circle.

What will change?

  • The renewed program includes more marketing opportunities, allowing affiliated companies to further promote sustainable solutions.
  • Participants can engage in discussions with all members about sustainable solutions, connecting with a network of businesses genuinely committed to the climate-neutral future of horticulture.
  • Participants can attend the Horti Footprint Circle Events twice per year, with colleagues or business associates.
  • The participants receive enhanced online visibility through the Horti Footprint Circle website and social media channels.
  • The sustainable message of the participants will be presented to trade journals.

What is Horti Footprint Circle?

Horti Footprint Circle aims to provide insight into the CO₂ footprint contribution of each link in the supply chain, enabling them to reduce their emissions. By doing so, the overall CO₂ emissions of each part of the chain can be reduced, ultimately leading to a climate-neutral product.

As each link in the supply chain collaborates in calculating their footprint, we can identify the categories causing the highest environmental impact. This collective effort allows us to work together in reducing the total emissions and compensating where necessary, moving towards climate-positive horticulture products by 2030.

Would you like your company to become a member of Horti Footprint Circle? Explore the available memberships on the Horti Footprint Circle website.

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