Greenhouse Sustainability on the radio

Greenhouse op de radio

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During GreenTech 2023 Hortibiz Newsradio conducted live radio broadcasts from the exhibition floor in Amsterdam. One of the guests interviewed by Maurice Wubben (left in the photo) was Henri Potze (right in the photo).

In the interview, Henri talks about Greenhouse Sustainability and what we do. Henri explains what footprinting actually means, as there is often confusion or uncertainty about it. In short, a footprint indicates the actual sustainability level of a company or product. Through a life cycle assessment (LCA), the footprint is calculated, providing companies with insights into multiple impact categories.

Henri also discusses how the entire horticulture chain plays a role in the environmental impact of a product. "You have to look at the entire chain and work together," says Henri. Curious to hear the full interview?

Listen the podcast (in Dutch):

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