Greenhouse Marketeers continues as Greenhouse Sustainability

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Calculating, reducing, offsetting and telling the story around it. These are the four pillars of Greenhouse Sustainability, as Greenhouse Marketeers will be called from 1 January 2023. With a new name, a new logo and a new website, the company is taking the next step in its development. Greenhouse Sustainability remains committed to making horticulture more sustainable, but also offers its services in other sectors.

Too often Greenhouse Marketeers (in recent years) has been told that the name of the company was confusing. Although it was known among partners and relations that the organization was involved in footprint calculations, others also regularly mistook the company for a marketing organisation. “While it is about so much more than that,” explains marketing manager Sandra Uitenbroek – van Schie. “When Henri Potze started the company, the some companies were already working on their footprint. Marketing was important to them in order to add value to the calculations at that time. Now that the whole footprint story has landed widely among companies, we see that the motivation to reduce CO2 emissions is no longer just commercial. Companies want to produce their products more consciously in order to meet the wishes of the market and to contribute to a better world. The new name Greenhouse Sustainability therefore fits much better, because everything we do revolves around sustainability.”

Green house

When looking for a new name, the company deliberately chose not to let go of the word 'greenhouse'. Although from now on that word refers more to a 'green house' than specifically to a horticultural greenhouse, says Uitenbroek-van Schie. “With our name we have built up a reputation within the horticultural sector, you don't want to ignore that just like that. But from now on we will no longer focus exclusively on horticulture. We want to be a sustainable home for companies in all sectors.” The logo can therefore be interpreted as a house consisting of several blocks. These blocks represent the disciplines of Greenhouse Sustainability: calculating the footprint with for example the Flori Footprint Tool, reducing the footprint, for example within the Horti Footprint Chain Program or another future chain program, offsetting the footprint through Fair Bamboo and the sharing these sustainable efforts through, for example the consumer label Fair Flora. “Those are the four steps towards sustainability with which we want to make a difference as Greenhouse Sustainability. From 1 January on we will officially use our new name and logo, until then we are in a transitional phase.”

Logical step

The new website will go live before the end of the year and the new name and logo will also appear on the new year’s gift for relations. “We are going step by step, but everything is basically ready for the real launch in the new year. During the IPM in Essen, we will then present ourselves as Greenhouse Sustainability for the first time," says Uitenbroek-van Schie, who calls it a "logical step" in the development of the company. “It fits with the growing maturity of our company. We have now outgrown the startup phase and are now a serious, professional scale-up. We have gained a lot of confidence from the market in recent years. We look forward to taking the next step in terms of footprints and sustainability, both within and outside the horticulture sector.”

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