Footprint4All: entry-level tool for calculating environmental impact

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To be able to produce in a climate-neutral or even climate-positive way, calculating the CO2 footprint is essential. Last year, Greenhouse Sustainability launched the Flori Footprint Tool voor nauwkeurige footprintberekening op bedrijfs- én productniveau. Voor wie laagdrempelig wil starten met het inzichtelijk maken van de milieu-impact, is nu ook Footprint4All ontwikkeld. Daarmee berekent u zelf snel en eenvoudig uw footprint en ook nog eens tegen een scherp tarief.

During IPM Essen, Greenhouse Sustainability will present itself to the general public for the first time with its new name and logo. At the beginning of this year, the footprint specialist said goodbye van de naam ‘Greenhouse Marketeers’. Het bedrijf zet een volgende stap op het gebied van footprints en duurzaamheid. Niet alleen in de tuinbouwsector, maar ook daarbuiten. Greenhouse Sustainability vervulde de afgelopen jaren een voortrekkersrol bij de introductie en uitrol van footprinting binnen de tuinbouw, maar wil nu ook bedrijven en organisaties in andere sectoren verder helpen. Door het calculating the footprint, reducing the environmental impact, offsetting CO2-emissions and helping companies to promote their sustainable efforts.

Reliable footprint calculations

“Consumers are becoming more critical every day when it comes to the products they buy. Because where were they produced and what is the impact that the production has on the planet?” says Greenhouse Sustainability's director Henri Potze. “Banks are also increasingly setting requirements in the field of sustainability. If you want to receive financing as an entrepreneur, there are strict conditions attached. And then there is the high gas price which has a major influence on the sector. How long can that be maintained? It should be clear that sustainability is no longer optional, but is increasingly becoming a requirement to remain future-proof as a company. Demonstrating that you are working sustainably is just as important. A reliable footprint calculation is therefore a must.”

Flori Footprint Tool and Footprint4All

The FloriPEFCR gives floriculture a European standard for footprint calculations. The application of extensive and strict testing criteria should ultimately result in a very accurate footprint calculation. Greenhouse Sustainability developed the Flori Footprint Tool, with which footprints can already be accurately calculated according to the draft calculation rules of the FloriPEFCR. Not only in terms of CO2, but also water, toxicity and 13 other impact categories. The tool therefore offers floriculture companies the opportunity to anticipate developments in the market. A suitable tool will also be launched during IPM Essen for companies that prefer an accessible start: Footprint4All. “With the Footprint4All tool you can quickly and easily calculate the footprint of your company yourself, regardless of what kind of company you have and in which sector your company is active,” explains marketing manager Sandra Uitenbroek – van Schie. “You gain insight into the structure of your footprint based on important factors such as heating, electricity, business transport, water use and waste. After performing the calculation, you can immediately see where the hotspots are in terms of CO2 emissions, so that you can take action quickly. Repeat the calculation annually or even monthly and you will immediately see the result of the savings measures taken.”

Win one year free access

With the addition of Footprint4All to the existing services, Greenhouse Sustainability is listening to the wishes of companies in the market. The entry-level tool for calculating the environmental impact is offered competitively by Greenhouse Sustainability. The costs will be only €695 on an annual basis, but a monthly fee of €59 is also possible. Those who visit the Greenhouse Sustainability stand at IPM Essen and leave their business card there can even win one year subscription to Footprint4All.

Get to know more about Footprint4All and the Flori Footprint Tool during IPM Essen. Greenhouse Sustainability can be found in hall 7, stand E32.

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