Flori Footprint Tool or Footprint4All?

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More and more companies are seeking insights into the environmental impact of their organization or individual products within their supply chain. To address this need, Greenhouse Sustainability has developed two tools: the Flori Footprint Tool and Footprint4All. In an extensive article, the specialists explain the differences between these two instruments.

LCA's for a broader audience

Stijn Eikenaar, Digital Solutions Analyst at PRé Sustainability, was closely involved in the development of the Flori Footprint Tool. "Our software, SimaPro, has been one of the leading LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software solutions in the world for over thirty years and is used in more than eighty countries. With this sustainability software, we can provide insights into the environmental impact of a product or service and determine the impact of specific steps or components in the production process." PRé Sustainability aims to make LCAs available to a broader audience. "That's why we collaborate with leading partners in various sectors to align footprint calculations with the respective industries. In the horticulture sector, Greenhouse Sustainability is our partner, and together, we developed the Flori Footprint Tool."

Full transparency

Rick van der Linden, Manager of Software Development at Greenhouse Sustainability, is pleased that the horticulture sector now has access to a professional tool for calculating footprints based on the new European guidelines. The Flori Footprint Tool includes not only CO2 but also water, toxicity, and 13 other impact categories. Specifically designed for flower and plant growers to gain insights at both company and product level, Greenhouse Sustainability introduced another tool for a wider audience. Footprint4All offers an accessible way for anyone to start understanding their environmental impact. Users can quickly and easily calculate their footprint at a competitive rate. "It is a more general tool that can be used within the horticulture sector as well as other industries. For many companies, the journey towards full transparency can be overwhelming, and it is challenging to determine where to start. With Footprint4All, you can get acquainted with footprint calculations and gain insights into the different parts of your footprint."

Read the full article about the Flori Footprint Tool and Footprint4All here.

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