First flowers with Fair Flora label

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Earlier this month, the first Fair Flora plants hit the market. Now, the first flowers with the Fair Flora label are also being introduced. CO2-neutral tulips are being sold through by Wesselman Flowers. The label on these tulips displays five stars, the maximum sustainability score within Fair Flora.

Fair Flora was recently introduced as a sustainability system for ornamental horticulture products. Flowers and plants are labeled with between 1 and 5 stars. The more stars, the more sustainable and responsible the flowers and plants are. The stars are intended to enable consumers to recognize sustainably grown products at a glance.

While the first Fair Flora plants were launched for sale earlier this month, Wesselman Flowers now has the honor of introducing Fair Flora-labeled flowers. The company from Roelofarendsveen collaborated with Greenhouse Sustainability to develop a tool for calculating the footprint in tulip cultivation. "Tulip cultivation is a specialized area. Based on our knowledge and experience, the existing calculation tool from Greenhouse Sustainability has been adapted," says Joost Wesselman. "Tulips are naturally very sustainable because they have low CO2 emissions. When we became aware of our footprint, we chose to take immediate action and compensate for the CO2 emissions. We do this for all tulips that we currently sell online, making them completely CO2-neutral."

Wesselman Flowers is a participant of the Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products Foundation. Together with trading companies in flower bulbs and perennial plants, the company aims to make an active and structural contribution to a sustainable sector, where high-quality products are cultivated and traded with respect for people, society, and the environment. "We aim to certify all flower bulbs and perennial plants sustainably by 2024, so that consumers can confidently place a bouquet of tulips on the table," says Wesselman. In addition, Wesselman Flowers is part of the 'Accelerators,' a group of ornamental horticulture companies taking the lead in making the chain more sustainable. "By talking about and working on sustainability together, you encourage each other to take the next step. I think it's very important that our industry is focused on the future and can demonstrate that we are capable of producing sustainable products."

Consumer feedback

According to Wesselman, promoting the Fair Flora label fits well with their objectives. "We have chosen to immediately link the label to all tulips we sell online through These tulips are CO2-neutral, and the webshop is an important portal for us to test new things. We receive a lot of direct feedback from consumers, so this is a way for us to see if consumers appreciate our sustainable products and the star rating system of Fair Flora. And if they do, we will certainly use that feedback to convince supermarkets as well." Wesselman is proud to be the first to sell Fair Flora flowers. But more importantly, he hopes to inspire colleagues to do the same. "We need to take responsibility together, and consumers will follow suit."  

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