A first for Noviflora with Fair Flora

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The very first plants labeled with Fair Flora have been purchased by Noviflora. The ornamental horticulture exporter from Honselersdijk thus has a prime opportunity. The Fair Flora label on the plants makes visible, through stars, how sustainably and responsibly the products have been cultivated. This is the first time that such insight has been provided to consumers in this manner.

The introduction of the sustainable plant label was announced late last year, and now consumers can actually get acquainted with Fair Flora. HouwenPlant, Fachjan and VDE Plant are the first three nurseries to have chosen to label a large quantity of plants with the new sustainability label. These companies have been taking significant steps in calculating their environmental footprint, implementing improvements and offsetting for CO2 emissions in recent years. This enables them to substantiate the sustainability of their products with data. Each of them launched their first product line of plants under the Fair Flora label this week to introduce consumers to the brand-new sustainability system. More Fair Flora lines will follow from these growers. Between 1 and 5 stars are depicted on the label. The more stars, the more sustainable and responsible the plant is. The stars are intended to enable consumers to recognize sustainably grown plants at a glance, where it has often been unclear until now.

Necessary development

Noviflora was the first to purchase the offered Fair Flora plants, making a clear statement. According to Managing Director Ringo Veenman, the growers are responding to a necessary development with Fair Flora. "Sustainability is becoming more and more of a prerequisite, especially in the markets where we are active, such as Scandinavia and Switzerland. Consumer awareness is increasing, causing large chains to set the bar higher themselves. If you are not transparent about your products, you may not be able to supply them soon. HouwenPlant, Fachjan, and VDE Plant anticipate this and also seek dialogue with others about how this should be done. We, at Noviflora, think it's great that these entrepreneurs are taking the lead and therefore want to support an initiative like Fair Flora."

The first Fair Flora plants will find their way to consumers through garden centers and supermarkets in Scandinavia and Switzerland in the coming period, Veenman says. "We will also position them distinctly in the market so that the Fair Flora story can resonate and we can stimulate consumer awareness. As a company, we are looking for a universal standard to make the sustainability of products transparent. The Fair Flora system may not be fully developed yet, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. It is important that we, as an industry, continue to take the lead."

Plants and flowers

Fair Flora is a joint initiative of the three involved nurseries and Greenhouse Sustainability. They invite other parties to join and participate in the discussion, so that Fair Flora can become a standard in the sale of ornamental horticulture products. Besides plants, flowers will also be labeled at a later stage. To determine the success of the system and to make improvements where necessary, the nurseries will maintain close contact with their customers in the coming period.

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