Let us introduce: new LCA-Specialist Nina

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Onze nieuwste LCA-Specialist Nina is begin januari bij Greenhouse Sustainability gestart. Met dit interview stellen we haar daarom kort aan u voor.

You started here almost 2 months ago, after completing your studies. What did you study?

I did the Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and the Master's in Industrial Ecology, both at TU Delft. In mechanical engineering you use knowledge of mathematics and physics to invent, design, make and improve something. And the Master's in Industrial Ecology is about sustainability at system level, with both technical and social aspects.

And how does your work as an LCA Specialist connect to your studies?

During my work, of course, I mainly deal with footprint calculations. Part of the Master's in Industrial Ecology was about expressing sustainability in numbers. I also followed LCA courses. This has prepared me well for working as an LCA specialist.

Bij één project waaraan ik nu werk bij Greenhouse Sustainability komt juist weer veel terug vanuit mijn bachelor Werktuigbouwkunde, met name wat ik heb geleerd over productieprocessen. Als er een specifiek onderdeel in de data mist van een product waarvan we de footprint berekenen, is het voor mij nu makkelijker om te zeggen welk proces of onderdeel uit de database we moeten kiezen om een accurate berekening uit te voeren. Dat komt dus goed van pas!

Are there interesting things you noticed so far, working at Greenhouse Sustainability?

What strikes me most is that customers really want to become more sustainable. They want to gain insight into how sustainable their company is. I did not expect this intrinsic drive in such a big part of the people. I thought that the will to become more sustainable would largely be there out of necessity, because it has to be done by legislation, for example. I really like to see that it comes from within many people.

Is there anything you would like to focus on in the future at Greenhouse Sustainability?

I would like to do more in the agri sector, the open field. And in particular working on regenerative and circular agriculture. Greenhouse Sustainability is continuously broadening knowledge and we already work with several agricultural companies, so who knows!

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