Dutch Flower Group starts collaboration with Greenhouse Sustainability

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Dutch Flower Group (DFG) will use the Flori Footprint Tool to reliably gain insight into the environmental impact of its products.

With this step, DFG can map the footprints across its entire chain in full compliance with the recently established FloriPEFCR, which is also necessary for DFG's commitment to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). By implementing Greenhouse Sustainability’s tool within its companies, DFG can perform more measurements with suppliers and customers and, based on these, strive for reductions. Additionally, DFG can use these measurements and achieved reductions for its CSRD reports.

Marcel Zandvliet, Chief Sustainability Officer at DFG: “The Flori Footprint Tool will help us further increase the knowledge level within our DFG companies and gain better insight into the actual environmental impact of our products and the reduction opportunities within the chain.”

Over the past few years, DFG has already gained significant knowledge and experience in mapping the large flows of flowers and plants and their associated footprints. Now, they are diving deeper into the underlying chains of specific growers and customers.

Flori Footprint Tool

“We are delighted to officially announce the collaboration with Dutch Flower Group,” says Henri Potze, Director of Greenhouse Sustainability. “The fact that DFG and its companies will use the chain portal of the Flori Footprint Tool will set a positive movement in motion.”

In the chain portal, customer-specific supply chains can be configured according to the FloriPEFCR. This provides insight per chain on which components should be focused on for sustainability. Moreover, it is a user-friendly method for mapping scope 3 for CSRD reporting and SBTi.

Greenhouse Sustainability originated from Benefits of Nature, which began 10 years ago to gain insight into the environmental impact (footprint) of the floriculture chain. A year and a half ago, Greenhouse Sustainability (together with Simapro) launched the Flori Footprint Tool, enabling growers to calculate the footprint of their business and products based on the FloriPEFCR. The next step is to provide insight into the rest of the chain. Henri Potze: “The fact that Dutch Flower Group will now use the chain portal of the Flori Footprint Tool to achieve this is a significant milestone, bringing our goal one step closer.”

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