Celebration FloriPEFCR with early adopters

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The FloriPEFCR, the calculation method for assessing the environmental impact of cut flowers and potted plants, recently received approval from the European Commission. Greenhouse Sustainability had already been using the draft calculation rules in the Flori Footprint Tool, significantly contributing to the approval of the FloriPEFCR. Together with several 'early adopters', this milestone was celebrated this week.

A broad horticultural consortium has been working over the past years to establish consistent European rules for footprint calculations in floriculture. Now that European approval has been granted, according to Sandra Uitenbroek-van Schie, Commercial Manager of Greenhouse Sustainability, 'history has been made'. "We have great respect for the perseverance of everyone within the sector to achieve this. It is very special that floriculture, as one of the first sectors in Europe, now has its own PEF. This puts us ahead of many other industries."


Greenhouse Sustainability actively tested the calculation methodology in collaboration with various growers in recent times. "With our knowledge and expertise, we developed the Flori Footprint Tool, enabling companies to calculate their footprint based on the draft calculation rules. By actively testing the FloriPEFCR, we have made a significant contribution to raising awareness about the importance of footprint calculations within ornamental horticulture," says Uitenbroek-van Schie. "But without the growers who were early adopters within the sector, we could not have achieved this. That's why we wanted to celebrate the approval of the FloriPEFCR with them."

Last Tuesday, we visited several companies and entrepreneurs who already calculate their footprints using the Flori Footprint Tool, including: Stolk Flora (Koen van Koppen), KP Holland (John Vreugdenhil), SV.CO (Mariëlle Hofstede), Fachjan (Fred Janssen), Hazeu Orchids (Chiel Hazeu) and Van Egmond Matricaria. "We surprised these companies with pastries to put them in the spotlight. They are the pioneers within the sector. These growers were the first to embrace the FloriPEFCR and start working with it. We wanted to thank them for that. Together, we have achieved a remarkable milestone." All other Flori Footprint Tool users were also surprised with pastries this week.

'We are not there yet'

Now that European approval has been granted, it doesn't mean the work is finished. "Our LCA specialists will now delve into the 120-page book of final calculation rules, and it doesn't read like a novel," laughs Uitenbroek-van Schie. "They will translate the calculation rules into the Flori Footprint Tool so that growers can calculate their footprint based on the final standard. Because we're not there yet as a sector. We are receiving more and more signals that the demand for footprints is increasing, including from the retail sector. So, it's important that we collectively start working on those calculations, and we are happy to assist the sector with that."

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